主   办:北京大学
报告人:John Selker 等
时   间:2012年3月26至27日
地   点:北京大学中关新园


The temperature of standard fiber optic cables can be read as finely as every 0.25m, and lengths up to 30 km as frequently as every second with resolution of up to 0.01 deg C using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS). While these capabilities provide remarkable opportunities, there are some important limitations to the method that must be understood involving trade-offs between resolution in time, space, and the extent of the installation. This workshop presents an overview of the technique, including discussion of applications to date, fiber and instrument selection, fiber placement, fiber repair, data acquisition, and data analysis. The workshop will be held at the Peking University campus. In addition to lectures by global experts, the participants will handle the equipment, and take part in demonstrations of all the operations required to employ this technique. The goal of the workshop is to provide enough information for participants to accurately identify the potential role of this method in their research.


John Selker – Oregon State University 俄勒冈州立大学 (John.Selker
Scott Tyler – University of Nevada, Reno 内华达大学雷诺分校 (styler
Chunmiao Zheng –Peking University and University of Alabama北京大学 (czheng

Location: ZhongGuanYuan Global Village, PKU, 北京大学中关新园



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