1st Workshop on Frontier Technologies in Oil & Gas Development Presented by Top Chinese Petroleum Engineers Across the World

主   办:vnsc威尼斯城官方网站
报告人:Bin Gong
时   间:April 1, 2011
地   点:Conf. Room 205, Building 7, ZhongGuanXinYuan

Date:       April 1, 2011
Venue:    Conf. Room 205, Building 7, ZhongGuanXinYuan
Chair:      Bin Gong, Associate Professor in Energy & Resources Eng., gongbin
Improved understanding of hydrocarbon resources and recent advances in exploitation and development technologies offers the possibility of a much broader and intensive use of advanced reservoir modeling/simulation practice on a global scale. The principal purposes of this workshop are to facilitate knowledge sharing, enhance science and technology networks, foster cooperation among petroleum experts from industry, academia, and government, and identify technology gaps and economic barriers to project implementation. Our goal is to develop clarity around recent advances, identify technology gaps, and discuss scenarios and strategies to help develop conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbon systems in more scientific and economically viable ways.
The workshop will be comprised of one day presentations. Oral presentations will be 45 minutes in length, with discussion by all attendees following each presentation. Additional discussion sessions and breakouts may also be planned. To optimize the discussions, the number of attendees will be limited to 80 individuals.
Five Chinese speakers - all hold Ph.D. degrees from US and UK top universities and have long time experience in various aspects of reservoir engineering.
-          Experienced reservoir engineers and officials in charge of technology promotion from PetroChina, SinoPec, and CNOOC
-          Faulty and researchers from key universities with profound petroleum program
-          Top reservoir engineers from local and international oil service companies
-          Selected Master and Ph.D. students in Petroleum Engineering or related programs from China University of Petroleum, Peking University, and China University of Geosciences
The workshop will focus on these major topics:
-          Integrated reservoir modeling: current status and case studies
-          Challenges and approaches in CO2 sequestration in China and the world
-          Next-generation simulation and the future of computer-aided history match
-          Detailed reservoir property determination through high-resolution CT on rock cores
-          Advances and applications of Discrete Fracture Modeling in development of carbonate, coalbed methane, and shale gas reservoirs


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