主讲人: LU Chun
(Large Scale Complex Systems Division / Institute of High Performance Computing)
主持人:vnsc威尼斯城官方网站力学与空天技术系  陈璞副教授
时  间:6月15日(星期四)10:00-10:45
地  点:力学大院大风洞会议室(北大东门往东,北大出版社以北)
报告题目一: Applications and Research Activities of Computational Mechanics in the Institute of High Performance Computing Singapore
Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) was formed in 1998 through the merger of two research centers. In IHPC, it’s always a focus to solve industrial problems by using computational mechanics technique and to explore new science realms by advancing computation methodologies. In this talk, I’ll review several application projects in fields of electronics, aerospace, offshore and chemical engineering, which were conducted by the group in past years. Research activities and challenges in developing new numerical algorithm in computational nanomechanics and biomechanics and solving multidiscipline and multiphysics problems will be shared and discussed. The computing facilities, funding mechanism and organization setup in IHPC will be also introduced.
报告题目二:    Buckling Analysis of Si Film on PDMS Substrate
A stretchable form of single-crystal silicon was produced by a research group in UIUC and reported in Science early this year. In this system, a wavy type of Si film was formed on elastomeric substrates. The wavelength and amplitude of Si wavy structures was predicted by a 2D theoretical model, in which the infinite assumption is used and the tangential traction along the interface is assumed to be zero in order to have an analytical solution. However, the observed results showed that the boundary effects play a role in the buckling and post-buckling behavior of the system. In this work, a numerical investigation is conducted. A finite element model of the system is developed and used to predict the buckling patterns of the system and the behaviors of a wavy Si structure in the post-bucking state. Interesting results are observed from the simulation.
Bio-graphy/Research Areas
Dr. Lu Chun is a senior scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore and he leads the cluster of Large Scale Complex System as a programme manager. Prior to joining IHPC, he was a principal engineer at Chartered Industries of Singapore. Dr. Lu received his PhD from National University of Singapore and Bachelor degree in Mechanics from Peking University. Dr Lu’s research interests include structure response under dynamics loading, multiscale simulation, computational micro/nano mechanics. He has published about 100 journal and conference papers in these fields.


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