WD 303

Product Code: WD 303
Product Name: Process Aids Polyethylene Concentrates
Product Appearance: Natural color pellets
Application: WD 303 contains 3% PPA additive to improve product process and product quality with efficient performance.
1) Eliminates “sharkskin” melt fracture in blown film which affects product appearance and performance.
2) Speeds and smoothes extrusions by coating the inside of die and barrel with a microscopically thin non-stick layer to reduce friction at resin/die interface.
3) Helps extrudate flow more freely and more rapidly through the die opening.
4) Reduces die build-up and die swell by preventing the accumulation of resin.
5) Reduce down time and improves start-ups.
Technical Data:




PPA Agent Content









Guidelines for use: The recommendation letdown ratio of WD 303 is 1~3% depends on the performance of customer requested.
Packaging: WD 303 is packed in 25kg bags.
Storage: Store cool and dry protected from sunlight. The recommendation shelf life time is within 6 months.
Note: The information and recommendations made herein are based on our research and/or the research of others and are believed to be accurate. However, nothing herein is to be taken as a warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the information or the use of our products, purchasers should make their own tests to determine the suitability of product for their particular purposes.

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