Product code: ABSL002
Product Name: Combined Super-Slip / Antiblocking Masterbatch
Product appearance: Natural color pellets
Application: ABSL002 is a masterbatch for CPE, blowing PE-films, based on a film grade LDPE and which contains high purity erucamide and antiblocking agent.
1) Get very low coefficient of friction and good anti-block effect.
2) Keep low COF value below 0.2 after curing of the laminated films.
3) Not existing the problem that migration of slip from core to skin result in weakening of wetting tension.
4) Reduce cost substantially.

Technical Data:




MFR (190℃/2.16kg)







Guidelines for use:The recommendation letdown ratio of ABSL002 is 3~4% only added in the seal skin layer of the films.
Packaging: ABSL002 is packed in 25kg bags.


Storage: Store cool and dry protected from sunlight. The recommendation shelf life time is within 12 months.


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