PVC Film For Graphics Use
Product Features
Advertising film series can be divided into spray painting film and straight sticky-back, self-adhesive film. According to the characteristic of spay painting products, we adopt nano composites ink formulation combine with special production technology .The spray painting film has good absorbability to inks. Being applied, the ink forms uniformly, delicate even light ink can also form image and thick ink form distinct layers. It is characterized by non-fading, good water-proofing, age-resisting and whether resisting, all of which make it a perfect base material for spray painting.
Suitable for:
It’s applicable for computer produced propaganda signs such as lamp boxes, street nameplates, exhibition boards, vehicle body advertisements and posters.
The basic parameters (range) :
Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (m) Hardness(PHR)
500 ~ 1560 0.07 ~ 0.35 200 ~ 2000 20 to 40
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