PE-Xc Pipe
Production Intruduction
1.Long life-span
World-class technology. Quality assurance for 50 years.
2.Reliable sanitary performance
No chemical additive and real environment-friendly.
3.Wide temperature application
Temperature application: from -70℃ to 100℃
4.Advanced production technics
Better evenness of cross-linkage and creep resistance.
5.Unique and reasonable connecting
Unique memory function. Reliable connecting and no leakage.
Product Application
Presence of Raypoly’s Core Products
Raypoly PEXc pipe is a physical cross-linked PE pipe. Due to the adoption of advanced production technics, Raypoly PEXc pipe has better evenness of cross-linkage and more stable performance. It’s non-toxic and of a lighter weight, good resistance to abrasion and environmental stress cracking, high mechanical strength and long life span. Our product has obtained national patent and is listed as National Key New Product by the National Development and Reform Commission. It’s widely used in low-temperature floor heating system and solar energy heater system.
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